Bringing on: VirtueMart Vs. OS-commerce
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Bringing on: VirtueMart Vs. OS-commerce

oscommerce logo vs. VirtueMart for Joomla e-commerce

E-commerce is the driving business force on the web. It allows users to set up their own virtual online stores, sell and purchase their products and generate their own unique brand appeal. And what helps them do that is several Open source e-commerce store management solutions. Developers skilled in their respective fields using these portals create defining and cutting edge e-commerce solutions that help their products stand firm in the market. Last few years have seen rise of some really exciting and incredible Open source solutions that have literally changed the way, e-commerce sites are represented on the web. Let’s peek into two of the main warriors on this front: VirtueMart and Os-Commerce and see how they are fair, when compared against each other.


 If you are looking for a platform, which allows you to add as many products as you can, you are definitely looking at OS-Commerce (OSC). It gives users unique features that allow them to download and sell products easily on the web. The best part about this platform is that it is easily compatible with all PHP 4 versions. It comes with multi-language functionality and is compatible with foreign languages like, Spanish and German. Clients can easily add, remove and edit all the products, categories and reviews as per their convenience. The developers can take easy back-ups of their file and can store them safely. Also this platform enables customers to have statistics about their products and their sale. OSCommerce is an e-commerce platform out of the box and it’s mainly for building an e-commerce site only. Adding extra functions to OS-Commerce sites are not as easy as adding functionalities to a Joomla sites.

VirtueMart (Joomla & VM)

If OS-Commerce allows users to add as many products they want, then VirtueMart is no lesser. Like most other e-commerce open source, it allows users to add categories, products and services as per their likings. Users can easily manage their products using some special in-built features of this platform. The best part about this platform is that it makes communication easier among owners and customers. Through this platform owners can easily send updates, about the availability of the products, and other schemes to keep their customers in loop. Payment option is also safe and simple on this platform. This platform is easy to configure and effective to use.

VirtueMart is an extension to Joomla CMs, and it will add to any Joomla sites. It means when you are using VirtueMart (VM), you will have access to all the Joomla CMs powerful features and expendabilities.

Overall both these platforms in their own special way allow users and generate different avenues. They both have their own unique features, which are platform specific, which makes them enticing in their own way.

Joomla & VirtueMart have had many upgrades and improvement in newer versions every year. There are huge local communities supporting Joomla & VM platform, but OS-Commerce is not as up to date as Joomla and the local communities as very small and limited!


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Home Blog POS Tips Bringing on: VirtueMart Vs. OS-commerce