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How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

Aralco POS Integration Solution

TEI Web Solutions has been in the custom web development business since 2001, and has worked closely with Aralco for many years to provide a professional integrated system exclusively to Aralco’s clients. Our CEO was a part & worked with the Aralco development team for over 8 years, (2005 - 2012), and with his experience TEI is able to provide e-commerce solutions that are fully integrated with Aralco systems. Our solutions are totally independent from Aralco office, and you might need to get a UDI license from Aralco company.

TEI’s integration solutions are based on leading content management system (CMS) platforms including Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and many more. Using these platforms to build your site, you can ask any web development firm to help you with your web customization down the road.

Our UDI (Universal Data Interface) e-commerce integration solutions can synchronize products, orders, customers, and all UDF fields between Aralco and your e-commerce web site. Products are sent to your site as soon as you pressed the “Save” button in Aralco. Likewise, you can look up orders in the Aralco POS system as soon as an order is submitted on the web site.

At TEI we explore every avenue to grow our client’s profits, increase their exposure and enhance their brand’s recognition.

Through alliances with leading retail e-commerce software and technology platforms providers, TEI offers the latest in high-powered Web and e-commerce business packages.

TEI e-Commerce Integration Solutions put the power of technology to work for your on-line store establishing your business on a world stage and helping you to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing, globalization retail industry.

Our fully customizable Aralco integrated e-commerce solutions:

  • Auto synchronization of products, customers and orders between BOS & online store.
  • Support unlimited products and categories with full product details.
  • Support all product dimensions their inventory.
  • Eliminate data entry labour cost, human mistakes, and delayed synchronization.
  • Allow instant, seamless updating of products & inventory through the BOS.
  • Applying optimal automatic search engine submission (Built-in SEO).
  • Support Customer Groups, UDF, Promotions, Discounts, and Gift Card options.
  • Email blasting & campaign management to all your customer groups.
  • Increase consumer’s confidence through sophisticated security features such as Secure Socket Level (SSL) Certificate for online payment.

Regardless of the size of your business, TEI has your Aralco e-Commerce Integration Solution to take your business to the next level.

If you are interested to learn about our solution quickly, please watch this short video below to learn how to accelerate your business through our special Aralco POS & e-commerce integration.


We can definitely accelerate your online sales through our integration solution.

Please contact us and call 604.506.6108 today for more details, and a demo presentation on how it works for your industry.

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