12 Ways to build trust with your company’s online audience
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12 Ways to build trust with your company’s online audience


It is difficult to build trust with those whom you have never seen as compare to those whom you can see and talk. In the e-commerce business also, it is difficult to build trust with a site because (a) you cannot see a virtual office or shop for such a business (b) it is very easy to create a fake site. People don’t want to get fooled and are afraid of shopping with any new site with which they have not done any business before and have not seen or heard of before. When you set up your online store you must advertise your site or do something to bring it to everyone’s notice so that people can come to know about and with the passage of time they can build their trust with your site and do business with you. There are other factors too which you need to consider. They are as follows:

  1. Remain genuine: Do not plan to fool people around because people bad mouth more than saying good things about a company. It takes long to make a reputation but it takes few seconds to ruin it. If you really want to survive in the long run they stay genuine and play safe.
  2. Initiate two way conversation: Try to engage people in conversation by offering them assistance in choosing a product, telling them about the ongoing promotions and coupons if any. Leave the conversation open so that people can get engaged and actually start to buy something from you.
  3. Share testimonials: It is always good to share testimonials on your web page so that everyone can see how you are doing and what other think of your company. This will help new customers to build trust with your company. It is very essential because people might not believe you but they will believe other because they have already done business with you. So, ask for testimonial from the existing customers and publish them on the website for reference of others.
  4. Be transparent: Being transparent means walk the talk. So, do what you say, don’t hide between the words. Be crystal clear and keep your words.
  5. Create visibility: Make your site visible to others by using social media. Spread it all over the web. Do not leave even a single stone unturned in the process of making your website visible to others because this is going to bring you the business at the first place. Imagine if people cannot see you then how they can reach you. So, leverage other sites as a channel for your site’s success.
  6. Make your site more secure for your users: The best way to do this is to encrypt your website. It will protect all the information submitted by your clients and will keep it safe and secure.
  7. Create a privacy policy for your site: Create your own Privacy policy confirming your clients that all the information entered by all your clients will be kept confidential. It will not be shared with anyone in any circumstances.
  8. Publish a refund policy on your site: Make your refund policy very clear and publish it on your website so that in case if your client does not like the product then they can easily get it changed or returned.
  9. Obtain a certificate seal: Having a seal for your website will let you gain credibility in the market. It makes your site look more authenticated which helps in developing trust in your site. Also, publish any awards you have received on your site.
  10. Rectify problems ASAP: Find solutions to all the customer problems ASAP so that the customer does not lose faith in your company and remain your customer for a longer period.
  11. Stay in touch 24/7: Provide services 24/7. Keep in mind that you are operating an online store and the biggest benefit on online shopping to your customers is that they can shop online at any time at their convenience.
  12. Online videos – to see the personal side of your organization and your employee which you cannot actually fake: Another way to gain customer trust is to post some videos of your office and employees so that customers can see the personal side of your organization. Let all the employees introduce their selves and how to contact them in case of any query related to their department.

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Home Blog POS Tips 12 Ways to build trust with your company’s online audience