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How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

Sport equipment's online market research

The market for sporting goods (athletic footwear, exercise equipment, licensed sports merchandise athletic apparel) in the United States has a projected value of more than $63 billion U.S. in 2014. The recreational transport (bicycles, pleasure boats, RVs and snowmobiles) and the equipment category accounts for 25 to 30 billion U.S. dollars in consumer purchases.

The biggest sporting goods retailer in terms of revenue is Walmart, with 9.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue from sporting goods sales in 2013. About 14 percent of sporting goods equipment is sold through online channels / over the internet; the distribution channel with the highest growth in market share. Despite the growth in online sales, more than 105 million people shopped for sporting goods at a sporting goods store in 2013 according to Scarborough Research.

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High performance companies

I was reading few management articles, and I loved what I read. To keep it as a reminder to myself, I start creating a bullet point style list, which I finally decided to share it with everyone. Keep reading here again, as I will update this and add more every day that I going through those articles.

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Pricing strategy

From Venture Connection - Workshop 8 at SFU

Speaker: Steven Forth form Net solutions.


  • Pricing is a part of the innovation & the product!
  • Understanding value provided to customer
  • Segmenting the market, and the value added to each segment

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