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24 Mar 2013

What are Google rankings?

Google rankings are the Holy Grail for any website on the web. Good ranking invariably means good business. Let’s read more into what these rankings are, and why they are so significant.

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Google Glasses 21 Mar 2013

Behind the glass

As Google glass inch closer towards its official launch, the anticipation and the buzz around it is getting stronger. Everyday there is something new, which is being revealed about these glasses that makes the wait even more eager. So, let’s read more about what these enigmatic glasses are and what they offer?

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Web Design Tips

  • Provide compelling content or something of value - Each page in your website has something valuable to offer
  • Avoid sleazy elements - Don't distract your visitors with blinking or scrolling text, animated GIFs, or auto-loading sounds
  • Avoid pop-up windows

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