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How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

SEO meetup panel notes

I am sharing the notes that I wrote for personal use with others, just in case if it can help you to remember the todays panel discussions!


SEO panel

 Driven marketing 

Market validation 

Funnel and diversion rate down the funnel 

Keywords with conversion & demand mood


Your first point of contact is not the site, it's Google

90% people using Google

Google places optimization  -> smart to know locals

Photos & videos at eject keys for Google (places) -> voice recognition & translation 

Page search : advertisement that u paid for

 Monitor ranking for keywords constantly (ranking report)

Start to show u the traffic & ranking of the keywords (free code to add to the pages - Google it)


Call to action -> the result of traffic in the site

Buy now, subscribe news letter , micro conversions , white papers , social media 

Market validation: (marketing triangle )

Message , market , media (in every marketing package)

Who is your target

Understand competition : back links & keyword strategy

Provide your future prospect customers

Quality keywords

Test keywords with keyword tools Adwords

Engage -> retain -> add value -> grow business 


Expertise through social media + brand awareness to use Facebook instead of web to run Business 


Do NOT do this ever:

Auto software submissions _> do it naturally 

Do not repeat keywords in the content . To natural 

Do your best to get a very good quality back links , not too many week back links 

Article spinning  is dead , write new content

Avoid focusing on one SEO concept , specially page rank, look at all the factors

Forum & blog comments .... Become spamming and not working any more .... Use captcha ... Spam irrelevant content immediately 



Try to standout. 


Marketing keywords vs. sales keywords


In Google places list in right category 


Test PPC for a while too and test it . SEO might even cost u more ! Kind of guaranty 


Google master tools -> errors and mistakes , penguin hits



Enhanced campaigns: (new trend by Google)

Mobile devices vs. desktop visitor

Targeted by geo location (local Restaurant for people in Yeltown)


Mobile search & conversion grown 110% in last year





Source of traffics 

Conversion rates I

Bounce rate

Time in page


Exit rate and location of bounces (contact us page)


Healthy links building : 

Article marketing still working not as strong as before

No automated 

Write article directory submit ion

HERO service , it's a QA that might become public publication 

Talking about important events local or global


Convert texts to video messages 

Info graphics , people check them a lot

Voice search just started , it is changing keywords planning structure (become longer phases )

Symantec keyword searches (meaning behind them) .... Camera search means : where can I buy a camera in Dow town Vancouver ?

How to create a content bank? 


Mortgage broker in BC get better rank than Vancouver meet gate brokers!!! 


Make sure has responsive site 



From analytics do backward analysis on converted people

Finger friendly navigation FFN

Digital Colet is coming

Mobile is not just for buying , StudioPress templates for WP


The blog post for 11 things not to do in link building


73 million mobile in Canadian hands 


YouTube optimization for ur videos . It's the 2nd largest search engine !


Do not track in the browser stop AG working right . 


E commerce: 



Call to actions :

What in it for me? (Answer it) tracking code (Google it for the free tacking script)




Panda 2.0


Is SEO I'd dead Now ? 

Content is important & relevant content

Quality content

Context is important for SEO

Google + converting a business platform (23 July Google conference )



OMG conformance: ONG workshop conference 

Aug 15, SFU  15% off code available


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