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How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

Terms and Conditions:

TEI has the POS Software E-Commerce Integration Solution to take your business to the next level with the setup of your online e-commerce store.

  1. POSUDI Standard packages do not cover the following:

    • UDF fields
    • Customer Groups
    • Discounts
    • Gift Cards
    • Promotions
    • Payment gateways other than Paypal / Moneris
    • Or any other fields that did not called "basic fields" in POS Software’s Sep 2011 "UDI documentation"

    Above features and more are available as additions to the standard package.

  2. SSL certificate is required for most of the Payment gateways. Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, Certificate is based on annual fee (usually $65/Y not included in hosting plans)

  3. In all cases, TEI will be the copyright holder of the developed code and clients are not permitted to reuse, sell, share, or distribute the code.

  4. Prior to using our solution, you must have POS Software UDI-HUB license. (approximately $2995.00 License fee)

  5. All prices are approximately quoted; they might change without any notice.

  6. Clients will work out within the project timing to provide the content, images, and any other requirements. While TEI working on the client’s project, their project has the top #1 priority on TEI’s list. If the project process takes too long because of the client’s delays, after the project deadline as per the written contract, TEI have privileges to reduce / stop / delay the clients’ project priority, as the time will be some other client’s top priority period. TEI should be able to keep up with the promises to all of the clients, in manner of delivering their projects on time.

  7. The pricing is totally based on your requirement, and it might change based on requested custom jobs.

  8. Not all the POS Software’s or web CMS plat form’s features are possible through the UDI-HUB interface. There are limitations on the transferred data through the UDI-HUB channel.

  9. Based on POS Software definition, UDI-HUB Database is just an interface to transfer data. It’s not a database to keep and store any information. This database is not for keeping history of any kind of data at all. It supposed to be used as a gateway to transfer data between POS Software systems, and 3rd party applications.

  10. There are training session involve with every package:
    • Clients should watch the provided training videos, prior to the actual training sessions.
    • Training sessions will be through client’s content, while we fix some content for the site.
    • Training sessions usually happens in TEI office, or remotely on client’s system.

Provided content from the clients are in plain text format. Client has to apply the design, layout, and styling based on the web editor limitation

Payment Options

Monthly payment plan:

  • Down payment = 30% of the project total
  • Monthly payment = 3% of the project total
  • Minimum contract: 2 years

Cancellation terms:

  • Cancellation within the first 12 months: a payment for amount equal to 12 monthly payments.
  • Cancellation after the 12th month: a payment equal to 6 monthly payments
  • Web site will be disabled immediately after cancellation.

Late payments:

  • $45 late fee for every late payment
  • Web site will be suspend after the 3rd day

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