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Custom Web Development

The custom website maintenance plan is the key, to the on-going success of your business. As the internet, trends and technologies are constantly evolving, and your business is growing, TEI’s custom web development & maintenance plans ensures your website to evolve with the changing demands.

Web Maintenance

TEI offers custom :

  • CMS [content management system] development
  • e-commerce site development
  • Site design
  • Modification
  • Web site upgrade
  • Web Marketing strategies
  • Call to action & social media management

At TEI, most requests are completed on the same day, and the services are fast turn-around and cost-effective.

Have a web expert at your fingertips whenever you need one: no need to train your staff for...

TEI Web Technologies

  • Testing after every edit
  • Full back up copy of your website
  • Monthly detailed invoicing
  • Communication by e-mail, 5 days a week, friendly, personal service!
  • Product changes and additions
  • Update to calendar or events
  • Add breaking news or upcoming events
  • Add photos, graphics and charts, text re-writes and improvements
  • Site facelifts and makeovers
  • Keeping the homepage fresh for return customers

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