Magento Customization
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Magento Customization

We customized your Magento store, to enhance your store presence and services for the better user experience.


Magento is an open source eCommerce web application that was initially launched on 2008 March 31st by the company called "Verian" in the name of Bento. Later renamed as "Magento" and now Magento is fully owned by ebay. Magento is a sophisticated eCommerce content-management system based on PHP and MySQL.


There are three distinct platforms that Magento provides are Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition, and Magento Go. 


Magento Community edition is open-source content-management system and is easy to modify the core system. As Magento Community Edition is open source software, it can be downloaded for free. Developers can modify the core code. Magento also offers extensions to add more features and functionalities. We can install extensions from the Magento Connect marketplace. Magento offers more than thousand extensions.


Magento Enterprise edition is obtained from Magento Community edition and contains the same core files as Magento Community Edition. But this is not a free solution, but has more features and functionalities. This edition is designed for large sized businesses by providing technical supports. The major assistances are installation, usage, configuration, and troubleshooting.


Although Magento Enterprise has annual maintenance fees, neither Community nor Enterprise offers hosting. The Magento team develops Enterprise Edition by cooperating with users and third-parties.


Magento Go is a cloud-based eCommerce solution, which also includes all of the features for web hosting. This was launched in February of 2011 in order to support small businesses without installation of software. Magento Go still has many built-in modules and can add Magento extensions for more functionality, but is also the least customizable platform. As Magento Go is hosted by Magento itself, we do not need to worry about even hosting. 


Magento is a very powerful, feature rich shopping cart and with lot of incredible features. Among many advanced features in Magento, one of the feature is layered navigation. This feature is the most appealing feature in Magento as many platforms will not offer even basic filtering. 


The ability to create and manage multiple storefronts from one admin is ultimately attractive. We can have one backend to manage multiple websites. This also includes Multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities.


Another main feature of the Magento is that it provides the designs of websites that prove to be friendly as far as the Search Engine Optimization is concerned, thus, it helps websites to get a better rank on search engines.


Magento is far superior to all other solutions for many reasons like Cost reduction, Flexibility, Adaptability, amazing Functionality, Reliability, etc..