How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :


Below you will find answers to some of our most commonly received questions.

What do I need for full integrated system?

What do I need for full integrated system?

To have the full integrated e-commerce system with your Aalco you need to have all the following:

  • POS Software system up and running
  • POS Software UDI-HUB License (Data Gateway to POS Software for third party to communicate with POS Software)
  • TEI POS-UDI (The bridge between POS Software UDI, and e-commerce web site)
  • An e-commerce web site hosted on a web server, which covers all Arlaoc integration requirements.

Why TEI?

Why TEI?

TEI CEO, Ali, was an POS Software software developer, who was working for POS Software for over 4 years. Having web, and e-commerce background, Ali started POS Software e-commerce integration process based on pre-existing POS Software knowledge in 2008. He designs the system they way that can cover most of the features for all POS Software’s industries. Working with POS Software, Ali has perfect understanding of the POS Software database, and internal logics like Sync Server, to develop the best ever integration solution to POS Software system. Keeping a perfect relation with POS Software system, helped to get the best fastest results through POS Software team or any custom development requirements.

Why e-commerce integration?

Why e-commerce integration?

Having an integrated e-commerce interface to your inventory management, and accounting system, you will save a lot on your online sale management, and you will be able to make more sales through online orders. The integrated system will reduce the cost of:

  • Huge amount of data entry time. (product details, images, pricing, dimensions and it’s values, User definable fields)
  • Human mistakes in data entry
  • Item adjustments
  • Site updates
  • Inventory adjustment
  • Removing items from site
  • Site accuracy
  • Accounting and Taxation (online sale might have different tax values)
  • Updating order’s status for online clients (Shipped, pending, under process)
  • Reports on online sales

What is TEI UDI?

What is TEI UDI?

You have an e-commerce web site up and running, that web site has its own database system, and keeps track of all the Sales, Orders, Customers, and Products independently. Connecting the e-commerce web site to POS Software system, the web platform must be open to third party application developers. Using open platforms like Joomla, Drupal, or Magento TEI developed the bridge connection interface, called TEI POS-UDI, we connect POS Software System to e-commerce web site through TEI UDI.

What is POS Software UDI?

What is POS Software UDI?

POS Software UDI-HUB is the POS Software Universal Data Interface, to allow third party systems to communicate with POS Software system. UDI-HUB is an extra MS-SQL database which is carrying and synchronizing some, not all, of your Products, Customers, and Orders between the POS Software’s main database, and the POS Software UDI-HUB database securely. The UDI-HUB database is behind your company firewall system securely, and applications like your web site will be able to communicate with POS Software through the UDI.

What is UDI?

What is UDI?

UDI is abbreviation for Universal Data Interface, which is like a data gateway in POS Software system, which is open, the data connection port to POS Software system for the e-commerce synchronization. POS Software UDI-HUB is a license based, and clients are required to purchase only one license for their POS Software server once. Having the POS Software UDI-HUB license is mandatory to have e-commerce integration for your POS Software system. We will re-review it in more details right after.

Who is TEI?

Who it TEI?

TEI is a web development company located in North Vancouver. Working closely with POS Software since 2004, CEO of TEI received requests for POS Software e-commerce integration. Working with POS Software development team for 2 years, TEI developed a solid, time and expense saving, e-commerce solutions for POS Software’s client. This solutions using POS Software’s UDI-HUB interface to synchronize Products, Orders, and Customers between POS Software system and the site.

Products' attributes & options

Many of the products that we sell will need to use the attributes/options capabilities of Ubercart for things such as clothing sizes, colours, different designs, etc. Is this included in the connection between the POS Software software and the Ubercart store? If so, are these attributes/options also set through the POS Software software?

YES, they can use the Arlaco Dimensions for this need. But if there is anything which is not fit in to the Dimensions. Just in case if they need to use UDF (User Definable Fields) screen to cover some needs, then we have to costume develop those section to cover all the information from UDF screen.

Gift certificate / Gift card

If we purchases the gift certificate/card (GC) option for the POS software, will this be synchronized with the web store?

There is an option to use POS Software's Gift Card / Certificates (GC) as a payment method for UberCard (UC). We also have another option, that you can sell GC as an item on the site. (As you know GC are special entity kind in POS Software system, and they will not go as an normal item to the site).

Live inventory lookup

Can you clarify what the "Live inventory lookup" item is on your price list on page 6? How does this differ from the standard inventory synchronization between the physical store and the Ubercart store? We got 3 option for inventory:

  • A fix inventory value per imported item to the site per item. (items will be sold order based in POS Software point of view) - It's included in POS-UDI extension. (no extra fee)
    The fix value,· is a setting in Drupal site, which will set to a fix amount for example, 25, and all the imported item will get the inventory of 25 automatically on time of import to the site from Araloc.
  • Over night inventory adjustment, which is adjusting inventory of the site base on a % value of the store(s)/warehouse for the site. (Option to add)
    Over night system is a built in feature in POS Software UDI, which will create an inventory list of all the product populated to UDI. This list generated by selected timer in the POS Software. The generated inventory list will send to UDI-HUB after it generated, which usually takes a bit, specially if you have over 5000 items for the site. This process is resource consuming for POS Software Serve, The server internet bandwidth, the UDI-HUB database size, and the Web host server to adjust inventory too often. Therefor, we usually do it once a day, over night when there are not that much computer system resources within that time.
  • Live inventory look-up, which is required a Web Service setup on the Windows Based Host Server. This option is good for businesses who has a very specific, limited number of inventory to sell, and they don't want any item missed from the site, nor double sold when there is no inventory. eg: Art Galleries. (optional to add)
    We can not receive the actual inventory value of the product right at import time, to the site, unless we have the Live Inventory Look-up option.

UDI Web Hosting Server Requirements

On page one of your overview of the UDI-HUB Web Hosting Server Requirements, you list a Windows Host Server as one of the requirements. Can you confirm for me that this is the same server that would be running the POS Software software, or is this an additional server required for the web connection? In other words, will Matraea require a single computer running the POS Software software?

Or do they require one computer for the POS Software software and one computer to act as this Windows Host Server, for a total of two computers?

You need to get a Windows based web hosting service, to be able to host the UDI-HUB database. It can not run from the same POS Software. (security, babandwidth, stability, and connection issues). In other word, just a windows baed hosting, that has a MS-SQL database hosting included. Just make sure it has no limitation on the database size. (minimum 1GB size for the database - it will grow fast based on the client's number of products)
If you need any help with hosting, we can provide the full hosting plan required from $110.00/y (both Windows & PHP included) (Our VPS is with HostGator, they are solid, reliable, and our VPS optimized for POS-UDI)

Multi Category listing for products

We are interested in having some products appear in multiple categories. Is this possible using the online shop?

They can do it through both UDF, or Grouping. Either way, it required some custom development based on the way they will design it for data entry in POS Software System.

Changes to existing products

Can you confirm that adding products and making changes to existing products (such as prices, descriptions and images) will take place through the POS Software software and that these changes will be synchronized with the Ubercart store as part of the connection you will be building?

YES, anything related t products only applied from POS Software, and the site will sync automatically. Please note: when ever an item updated in POS Software, there is no way that we detect the exact changes at the site level. We have no idea if it was the price update, or image, or the product dimension. therefor by keeping item id and credentials, we will wipe out the product and it's details, and we re-import it the way the it keeps the history of and sales and relation to the item.By multi Image option, we will be able to support your site to have more than one image per each item available.

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