Aralco POS System
How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

Aralco POS System e-commerce integration

TEI offers an efficient integration solution for the Aralco POS system. Using Aralco UDI license, we can connect your Aralco system to an e-commerce web site.

The UDI is the gateway to connect your POS and e-commerce website seamlessly.

TEI has developed solutions to connect Aralco UDI to TEI's POS-UDI and UDI-HUB to support the following e-commerce platforms for Aralco integration:Aralco e-commerce integration

  • Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 2.5, and 3.0
  • Drupal 6.0, and 7.0
  • Magento
  • Jammicron Qwik commerce
  • Erplay
  • Shopify
  • Big Commerce
  • Volusion
  • Avalara
  • and a lot more platform

If your e-commerce platform is not in our list, we can develop the integration for you, as we are specialists in this field.

Feature list:

  • Send products with all the details including (Dimension, Attributes, Description, Grouping, UDF, Custom Screen, Promotions, Customer Group, Pricing, etc).
  • Send order details, all remarks, and comments back to Aralco POS system.
  • Insert the new customer’s details to your Aralco system.
  • Automatic inventory synchronization between your website and your Aralco POS.
  • Automatic price adjustments.
  • Gift card system. (purchase gift cards online, or use them as a method of payment at the site level)
  • Wish list system
  • Gift registry
  • Multi image support
  • Auto un-publishing of finished inventory
  • S&H quote calculation
  • Point and redeem calculation system
  • Package builder
  • and a lot more features.

Advantages of TEI's solution:

  • Fully understanding of Aralco system logic, and its database system.
  • Fully aware of all the features that are available to use to build a better e-commerce web site
  • Full understanding of how Aralco communication works between the Servers, POS system, Sync Server, Sync Local, and UDI database.
  • Previous experiences in developing Aralco integration for over 5 years. (pre made solutions ready to go)
  • Less data entry means less labor hours.
  • No human errors.
  • Accept online payments.
  • Build a list of customer emails that you can use for advertising.
  • Many more...

How it works:

Please visit the How our E-Commerce Solutions work page to learn more about it.


We offer 4 packages with up to 15 options each so you can choose the solution that is right for your business.

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