POS Package A
How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

POS-UDI-HUB Package A - Extension

If the client already has a fully running Joomla with VirtueMart / Drupal with Ubercart / or Magento Community Edition e-commerce web site, as well as a fully set-up POS Software system with UDI-HUB license, TEI can setup the integration solution between the running web site and the POS Software system.

  • The web hosting must support all the UDI-HUB-POS requirements. Otherwise, new hosting and site transfer will be additional
  • This process takes up to 10 working days to finalize
  • Full site administration and FTP access required




  1. Clients must have an up and running web site
  2. Client must have a hosting, domain name, and email addresses
  3. Web site is already setup, template installed, and sample products are added to the catalog
  4. Some products data must be ready to populate on the web site in POS Software BOS system
    • Published for web
    • Has images
    • All Web-POS setting applied prior to POS-UDI-HUB solution installation
  5. Your running site made by one of the following:
    • Joomla 1.5.xx and Virtue Mart
    • Drupal 6.x and UberCart
    • Magento Commerce 1.5.x – Community version
  6. All graphic design and adjustment are in place
  7. Your hosting server must support one of the following:
    • PHP SyBase and FreeTDS
    • PHP “MSSQL_Connect()” function call
  8. Your web hosting server has:
    • Port 1433 access (Inbound and Outbound rules)
    • Site access through HTTPS requests
    • Able to host a MS-SQL database, UDI-HUB Database. (must be accessible over Internet)
    • Be able to run Cron jobs
    • Cover all other hosting requirements for running the UDI-HUB processes
  9. This package covers all the standard fields. Using any of the options from this document, like UDF or grouping will be an extra customization, which requires pre-review, and feasibility approval by TEI. (See more details here)
    • TEI can provide consulting time on how to design the UDF screen, or grouping based on your product structure needs, and the web site requirements.
  10. TEI can help your web development team and give them consulting time regarding how to setup, install, design, manage, or finalize the web site based on the POS_USI requirements.
    • TEI will provide 3 free phone calls consulting incident for this purpose. (Each phone call can be maximum 40 minutes)
    • TEI provide consulting time for $85.00 for any extra requested consulting, or development time.
    • UDF fields design & implementation required a full requirement gathering, and will quote based on every individual client's needs.

Package Deals:

  1. This package is ONLY for purchasing a license of TEI POS-UDI-HUB integration solutions, inclUDI-HUBng its installation
  2. TEI site and hosting assessment required prior to installation. Hosting server must reach and pass all the POS-UDI-HUB requirements.
  3. TEI is not responsible for applying any changes to client’s web site, except:
    • Setup the POS Software UDI-HUB MS-SQL Database
    • Install the UDI-HUB_POS solution to client’s site
    • Import the current products
    • Setup cron jobs, and triggers for import and export data to POS Software UDI-HUB data base
    • Run tests to make sure the data follow is properly established
  4. TEI will provide any other adjustment and customization based on preapproved quote
  5. Content, Template, Navigation, or any other changes or modification are not included in this package
  6. This package has no training session

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