POS Package C
How we integrate POS & e-commerce platforms :

POS-UDI-HUB Package C - Economy

If the client doesn’t have a web site, or would like to replace their current existing site, TEI can provide an inexpensive standard web solution without customization.

This solution includes:

  • 1 year hosting plan (Shared hosting, optimized for POS Software UDI-HUB)
  • Setup of a standard package web site (based on what you see on Demo UDI-HUB sites listed below)
  • A built-in template for the site
  • The POS Software UDI-HUB integration solution


  • Nocustomization is included. (Only 3 hours template adjustment for : Logo replacement and official colors
    • The default logo will be replaced with your provided logo
  • Packages come with a standard theme
    • You can purchase a different theme (usually $75.00), and we will install it for you for free
    • Installation is not included any adjustment, or modification to the purchased theme. (Customization is an option all the time)
  • Moneris account details are required
  • Customization is $85.00/hr for first 10 hours and only $70.00/hr thereafter (pre-purchase credit required)
  • Training is through video files, and clinets have to take care of all pages and design after installation

Standard Packages look and feel:

  • Exactly the same as demo sites listed below

(We keep improving these packages and its template time to time. You will get it with all the available features to standard packages, by your launch date)




  1. All the content for those pages must be provided in plain text format

Package Deals:

  • Content adjustment and pages modification is limited in this package
  • Every plat form has some number of limited pages included in this package
  • Content adjustments are not TEI’s responsibility. (Available for $75.00/h)
  1. Content adjustment can happen within the three hours design modification (logo and colors are top priority on that time limit). This package is covering the cases that are not fitting in Package A
  2. Using this package, client should not change any relevant data to Customers, Orders, and Product from the web site
  3. All shipping will be based on a flat rate per: items, or orders. No shipping calculation integrated
  4. The only payment processes included in the package are Moneris or PayPal
  5. Training will be available on videos to watch. No training on e-commerce procession of the site(it’s all through POS Software)
  6. Clients’ need to have a “Web Master” who is familiar with the web based selected platform, and knows how to manage the site, adjust the content, modify photos, and manage menus, edit pages, and any other required maintenances in the actual selected CMS platform. Otherwise, TEI can do the maintenance jobs for the clients based on $75.00 hourly rate.
  7. Some main features adjustment will be provided to client as “who to” documentation for future modification(limited)
  8. Following are available based on $45.00/h rate: Phone and email Support / Consulting / Remote training / Remote content adjustments
  9. This package included 5 main pages: Home, Contact us, Terms and Conditions, About Us, and one extra content page

Features Included:

  • Customer Group Pricing
  • Multi Image support
  • Auto un-publishing
  • Live inventory look-up
  • S&H calculation by Unit & Weight

This package is not recommended to any client, as it is so limited and needs lot of clients’ involvement to get finalized.

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POS E-Commerce Package A

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POS E-Commerce Package D

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