RFID tank tracking system

RFID tags and RFID readers are the new generations to Barcode and Barcode-readers. TEI supports both RFID and Barcode.

The issue with barcodes is that if the barcode is under mud, grease, or ice, then you can not scan them anymore. On the other hand, RFID tags could be scans under a few inches of ice or mud without any issue!

You can assign any barcode format to a tank and by scanning the barcode or RFID tag the system knows the exact customer name, location site, fuel type, maximum capacity, and pricing model for it instantly. 

There is absolutely no human error in documenting the client’s assets or filling the wrong fuel type in the wrong tank anymore. 

RFID technology became very affordable and nowadays you can have a solid zip-lock steel strap that is safe to use on metal and fuel tanks for less than a dollar per tag!

The pen readers are using technologies such as Bluetooth or WIFI, they are so small and light to carry around in the driver’s pocket.

Barcode tracking system

TEI also supports barcodes through the device’s camera or WIFI barcode scanners.